Social Media Mistakes to avoid



Social Media Mistakes to avoid

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Social Media is a great way to market your businses if you use it correctly.


Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of making their brand presence felt on social networks. The simple reason being – that’s where the crowd is. However, there are some common social media marketing mistakes that most marketers make.

  • Why do some social media marketing activities fail?
  • Why are some Facebook and Twitter pages popular and not others?
  • Why are your competitors doing better in social media marketing?
  • What promises are you making and not catering to?

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Today, I will run through some mistakes small business owners make when promoting their businses via social media.


It’s ok to get a little personal on social media (in fact, it’s encouraged!), but there’s a fine line between what a little personal and sharing too much. Remember, your social media accounts are for your business, so your posts should be geared toward your ideal client. Whenever you post anything, think about whether or not your audience would enjoy it. If you wouldn’t say it to your client in a face to face meeting, you shouldn’t post it on social media.

Promote All The Time

While promoting your business is the reason you’re on social media in the first place, no one wants to feel like they are constantly being sold to. Your posts should be a mixture of helpful content and behind the scenes of your business, with a few promos sprinkled in. The more value you bring to your audience, the more receptive they will be to your promotional posts. Selling all the time makes you feel desperate and will cause people to unfollow you.

Using irrelvant and excessive hashtags

There is no doubt that the use of hastags on social media platforms can immensly help business to become more visible.

#However #if #you #use #them #like #crazy #you #come #across #as #ANNOYING.

To combat this limit  your hastags to a considerable and sensible number and more importantly use relevant tags to match you post or the message you are conveying on the post

Ignore Your Community

Don’t forget about the social aspect of social media. Reply to comments people leave on your posts and thank your fans for sharing your content. Leave genuine comments on posts of people you are following and engage in conversations. Just don’t Thank fans for their raving reviews , responding to posts, thanking consumers for commenting and addressing complaints helps consumers feel more connected to the brand and respond to any negative feedback professionally. The more active you are, the bigger your community will be, so be sure to respond to what people are saying.



Following these best practices will help you create an active and engaged social media community. If you’re having trouble with social media management, we would love to chat. Contact us today.

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