Grab attention with a deal or discount on Facebook



Grab attention with a deal or discount on Facebook

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When you want to boost sales in your shops or online, a discount or promotion is a great way to get people’s attention and encourage them to act. With Facebook offer ads, you can create and extend timely discounts and promotions to the people who you want to reach and encourage them to shop.

Types of Facebook Offer Ads

There are two main types of Facebook offer ads: online offer ads and in-store offer ads.

  • Online offer ads – Offers can only be redeemed for an online purchase. If someone decides to save this ad on Facebook, they’ll receive reminders about it when switching devices or before the offer expires.
  • In-store offer ads – Offers are only redeemable in brick-and-mortar store locations via a QR code or barcode. If someone saves this ad on Facebook, they’ll be reminded before it expires and receive an email of the offer to print. Facebook users with location-sharing turned on will also receive a reminder when they’re close to your store.

Depending on your company status, you can choose to use either of these offers, or a combination of both, to entice your potential customers towards making a purchase.

Deals that work for your customers – and your business

Offer ads are customisable, effective and easy to create – and they’re easily accessible on mobile so people have the offer with them anywhere they go.

Reach new people

Offer ads help you to connect with current customers or acquire new ones.

Boost sales

Share offers with people to encourage them to visit your business in person or online.

Send automatic reminders

People who claim offers are notified when the deal is about to expire, so they use it in time.

Benefits of using Facebook offer ads

5 Tips for creating the best Facebook offer ads

From here you’ll be able to start building your first offer ad by selecting your business page and clicking Create Offer.

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks for this part to help you optimize these ads.

  • Use an expiration date.

This creates a sense of urgency for your offer and can boost engagement as a result. Remember, you’re not creating evergreen content in these ads. Offer ads are meant to be a one-time offer.

  • Pin offers to your business page.

While your ads will display in the Newsfeed, pinning it to your Facebook page is a great way to boost engagement. If someone misses the ad because they’re scrolling too fast, or just wanted to check out your page during their research, they can always find your current offer when it’s pinned.

  • Create goals for both claimed offers and actual purchases.

Measuring the success of an offer ad is going to be a little different from other campaigns. As Facebook users can claim (or save) the ad without making a purchase, you need to account for this in your reporting. If you’re asking “Why should I report on people who didn’t make a purchase?”, the answer is retargeting. When someone claims your offer ad, that means they’re interested in your product, so you can create ads that continue building on the value your product provides and display them to these “claimed but not purchased” users.

  • Hide the sharing option.

Offer ads should be built to target specific segments of your audience. When you remove the ability to share your ad, it makes it easier to track the engagement of that audience, as you’re not going to get as many outside Facebook users using the ad.

  • Make sure you’re 100% confident.

You can’t edit offer ads once they’re live, so it’s important that you nail the ad copy and images on the first try. This is especially important when you’re testing variants using A/B testing.

Keep these best practices in mind when you’re creating your Facebook offer ads and you’ll be able to create offer ads that not only entice customers, but work together with your existing campaigns to move people closer to making a purchase. Just remember to always make sure you’re following Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines as well.

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