7 Day Canva Challenge

Come Join Me!
Challenge Starts from April 26th 2021

I will show you how to create impactful & engaging social media images for your blog/business, flyers, posters etc using design tools from Canva.com

This 7-day email challenge Includes:

  • 7 daily helpful design lessons on using Canva
  • Best resources for Commercial Use Images
  • 7 video tutorials that demonstrate using Canva
  • 5-Ways to use social media graphic to engage the audience
  • Key elements you need to include with your graphics
    Private Facebook group for you to share your creations


This class is for both Canva beginners and those who may already be using Canva.

For the 7 days I share Canva tips that have surprised people who have been using Canva for years.

Practice makes perfect

Here’s what you’ll learn in my course:

  • How to layout your designs for maximum impact
  • Using Canva’s Grid tool
    Using Photo Filters to create stunning images
  • Basic typography rules
    Create your own template for your social media posts
  • Using shapes, borders and icons
  • Online tools & resources I use


  • Social Media Checklist. Helpful tips on what information you should be including on your shareable social media images.
  • 10 sample templates
  • A Private Facebook Community to share you designs, gain support and encourage other new design newbies!
  • Ideas & tips for creating a freebie opt-in for subscribers

Hi I'M Madan

Digital Marketing Specialist and works with clients to plan, create and execute digital campaigns. Taking a creative and practical approach, I assist clients in optimising digital channels to help deliver on their key business objectives.

Based in the Armidale, NSW Australia,  I help sole- entrepreneurs, brick and mortar business and mission-driven businesses market  in a way that feels good AND gets results.

I do this through:

+ Managing strategic campaigns through Facebook Ads , Google Ads and SEO.

+ Providing consulting for businesses that manage their own Facebook Ads.

+ Delivering 1:1 online training and workshops for small business owners like you to empower and manage marketing on your own.

+ And 8+ years’ experience in helping businesses achieve results with their marketing and communications.

Learn from the very best

Starts on 26th April 2021

Create impactful & engaging designs!

Social platforms are highly visual and studies indicate that those who post images have more engagement than those who don’t. For example on Twitter, tweets with photos statistically earn 150% more retweets and 18% more clicks. If you’re not stepping up your visual marketing you need to do so now to increase engagement.
Taking the Canva Creative 7-Day Challenge can help equip you with new design skills to make visually creative and impacting social images.